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Bachelor of Arts



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Mark Huber


In this paper, we introduce the Tootsie Pop Algorithm and explore its use in different contexts. It can be used to estimate more general problems where a measure is defined, or in the context of statistics application, integration involving high dimensions. The Tootsie Pop Algorithm was introduced by Huber and Schott[2] The general process of Tootsie Pop Algorithm, just like what its name suggests, is a process of peeling down the outer shell, which is the larger enclosing set, to the center, which is the smaller enclosed. We obtain the average number of peels, which gives us an understanding of the ratio between the size of the shell and the size of the center. Each peel is generated by a random draw within the outer shell: if the drawn point is located in the center, we are done, else we update the outer shell such that the drawn point is right on its edge.

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