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In recent years, the entertainment industry has begun to announce the release dates of many of their movies years in advance. This leads one to believe that movie studios are not taking into account the quality of a movie when a studio decides its release date. This paper will be an analysis in whether there is a difference in seasonality between different qualities of movies. If a studio announces the release date before filming even begins, it is clear that they do not know, and therefore cannot properly consider, the quality of the movie when they make its release date public. I will use films that make over a million dollars at the box office from 2000-2016 to examine the seasonality of good, average, and bad movies. My models will control for variables that were found to be significant in previous research. These include budget, MPAA rating, genre, and Oscar nominations. I will prove that there is a difference in seasonality between all three of these qualities groups. This will show that the Hollywood is now dismissing a key component in the difficult decision process that is movie release dates.

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