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The United States has attempted to improve access to quality education for students. While the United States has seen access to higher quality of education as a solution to improving schools, this has not worked. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the methods created to improve access to quality education and their effectiveness. Methods that will be analyzed are acts passed by the United States and the charter school movement. In this paper I will look at the methods used in Germany and Colombia to help develop a new method of improving the quality of education in the United States through the use of nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit organizations have played a role in improving the education of Germany and Colombia. Nonprofit organizations could be a solution in improving the quality of education students receive through hands on experience, a standardized test, providing resources for students, and improving the quality of teaching in each school. The use of nonprofit organizations can help under-resourced districts improve, help create a test to accurately measure student success, and help districts understand how they can improve.

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