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This paper investigates what has caused a lack of Asian American leadership in the corporate space and how transformational leadership can be the solution for these people by using their culture to their advantage. This was accomplished through a comprehensive review of transformational leadership and the personality traits associated with it, as well as psychological research on Asian American issues in the workplace and the role of Asian American culture. Stereotyping and discrimination play a role in the workplace, but usually, what a person can do to combat these issues is not explicated. This thesis aims to fill in that missing information and gives evidence from research that shows that Asian people can take proactive measures against prejudice. They can try to reduce that stigma through a couple different techniques. Transformational leadership is the most effective form of leadership and the style that Asian people should use to become effective leaders. Luckily there are aspects of their culture that already helps them become competent leaders, so it is paramount for companies to nurture those positive qualities. By fixing these issues companies will promote the best personnel which will lead to higher productivity as transformational leaders increase output. Asian Americans will not feel like they are limited by their ethnicity. This will result in greater worker productivity and an actual diversity in the leaders of the company which will lead to higher revenue and a positive public image.