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For a multi-national company like Adidas, supply chain management is one of the most crucial aspects of business operations. Products cannot be sold unless Adidas’s supply chain is well-managed and efficient, and public perception of a brand/company is critical to success.

This case study analyzes the effectiveness of Adidas's distinct “collaborative approach” to supply chain management, which is characterized by not only monitoring and auditing suppliers, but also training them to make Adidas’s standards their own and approaching suppliers with the intention of building long-term relationships where the suppliers can become self-sufficient.

This study reviews the structure of Adidas's supply chain, the nature of Adidas's collaborative approach to supply chain management, the benefits that collaboration provides over the conventional "compliance" approach to supply chain management, and the potential shortcomings of Adidas's approach. A conclusion is reached that the collaborative approach is the backbone of Adidas's success as one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world because of its holistic nature and consideration for unique cultural challenges.