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In this thesis, I use Kant's Transcendental Ideal and Fourth Antinomy in the Critique of Pure Reason as a bedrock to understand mistakes in popular spatio-temporal and transcendental proofs for the existence of God and develop a discussion of the necessity of the continued search for, and potential foundation of, an alternative proof of the existence of God. I will first attempt to instill the thought of the necessity of a commitment to the idea of the existence of God. I will then explain and clarify a) the three transcendental proofs for the existence of God and b) what I take to be Kant’s most relevant and substantive refutations of these proofs. After, I will explain and clarify Kant’s perceived failure of spatio-temporal proofs. I then summarize what I consider to be most grave failure of the transcendental proof. Finally, I will assume Kant’s refutation of the ontological proof to be a metaphysical failure and discuss potential solutions to the current issues of proofs for the existence of God.

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