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Kathleen Brown, Ph.D.

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New and experienced leaders sometimes underestimate the importance of the follower and context in their ability to be effective and successful in the long term. During an organization crisis or in a conflict situation, a leaders’ verbal and nonverbal communication behaviors and an awareness of the contextual factors and followers’ feelings involved may contribute more to long-term effectiveness and success more generally than certain characteristics or type of leadership, even if that style is the prevalent model of leadership within the organization. In theory, every leader should benefit from a greater understanding of the evolving study and theory of leadership psychology, but to put the knowledge into practice is a completely different story. This case study depicts some of the new and existing challenges facing leaders today, in hopes that the way in which the information is presented through a story will better help in illustrating the mistakes that all leaders can and do make, so the events and people in the story serve to prevent these mistakes from being made.

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