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2019 Paloma V. Pineda


The emergence of social media technology and the rise in unorthodox warfighting strategies has fundamentally changed and altered traditional methods of conflict. With the ability to use social media network features for military effects, citizens, state, and non-state actors have set precedents for modern warfare in the age of the Internet. Through exploring three case studies on Egypt, ISIS, and Russia, this paper will address how modern conflict has advanced to become a fight over public perception and behavior. Each case employs various techniques of mobilization, recruitment, and propaganda to weaponize the online social media user. The Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the growth of ISIS, and the 2016 United States Presidential Election have all been impacted by social media for the advancement of hybrid warfare. This paper will seek to answer how has social media changed the nature of contemporary conflict, and how has social media allowed warfighting strategies that differ from traditional warfare?

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