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2019 Julian E Castañeda


Business professionals have always been intrigued on how to increase purchases through advertisements. Digital advertisements are a new medium in which businesses can utilize to connect with consumers. In this study, participants (n = 126) were presented advertisements on a Qualtrics survey that manipulated color (warm and cool) and font size (large and small) across three product types (electronics, food, and automobiles) to examine the effects of Purchase Intention. There were no significant main effects or interactions of color and font size on Purchase Intention throughout each product type. However, color and font size impacted other factors (Perception, Memory, and Appeal) in the study and showcased significant findings in Electronic and Automobile advertisement product types. These results have implications for the effectiveness of advertising in digital mediums, the power of personally tailoring advertisements to individual consumers, and ultimately converting prospective window shoppers to paying customers.

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