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2019 Gonzalo G Secaira


In a region affected by death and destruction brought on by two devastating world wars, the European Union has held peace and economic stability as its primary objective. Since its creation, the EU has expanded both in size and scope, becoming on the largest economic global actors in the world. In recent years, the EU has looked towards expanding its competencies to include common security and defense policies. Efforts on behalf of the EU to further integrate EU members have faced mixed reactions and opposition. One of these policies, the funding, and implementation of a European Union military has been supported by member states such as France and Germany while rejected by Poland and Hungary. This paper tries to identify the relationship between the member states’ position and relative power within the EU and their respective position on the EU military. Due to its contemporary and ongoing nature, this paper will use academic papers and press releases from the EU and individual member state press releases to identify the major points within the debate.