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Bachelor of Arts



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Professor Nicholas Warner

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2020 Zoey Ryu


In late-18th-century Britain, the feminist work of literary women began. Upset with the way phantoms of patriarchy and misogyny had long prevented the female genius from surfacing, prominent women writers had begun to employ their literary talents and influence to name and slay those beasts. The feminist literary tradition that ensued from the feminist essays that those women penned is the subject of this thesis. Specifically, the thesis intends to track the development of the feminist literary tradition by examining the essays of Mary Wollstonecraft, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf. The thesis first unpacks Wollstonecraft’s foundational framework and then proceeds to analyze the later writers’ arguments with the intention of observing how feminist thought not only recurs but also finds different expressions in subsequent generation of feminist thinkers.

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