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Diana Hernandez


In the last decade, gentrification has become a world-wide strategy for capital accumulation, but is one that disproportionately prioritizes corporate interests over community interests. Although often disguised as a form of urban revitalization, gentrification economic renewals lead to higher rent prices that consequently pushes poor communities out of their home and makes urban spaces geared towards affluent middle-class families only. Gentrification is not a natural phenomenon, but is instead a man-made project that is rooted in capitalism and neoliberal understanding of the market economy. This paper explores the roots of creating profit by means of privatization, especially when discussing housing. It also discusses the state’s role in contributing to the displacement that is often associated with urban development initiatives. Lastly, this paper will also assess the extent to which gentrification wipes out a community’s history and culture, and provides a critical understanding of gentrification as a process of social exclusion.