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Bachelor of Arts



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Ronald Riggio

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2021 Jack D Katzman


This paper examines the impact ADHD and its various subtypes has on leadership. It addresses ADHD, its symptoms and subtypes, aspects of successful leadership, and how symptoms of ADHD may impact leadership based on different leadership theories. It examines occupational factors as well as coping mechanisms for leaders with ADHD. Finally, the paper examines case studies of three leaders with ADHD: Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Paul Orfalea. Their leadership styles tell us three things about the ADHD-Leadership interaction. First, there is no single set of ADHD symptoms that benefit leadership. Second, successful leaders with ADHD have managed certain groups of symptoms while taking advantage of others. And third, successful leaders with ADHD are usually open about their symptoms. The overall conclusion of the paper is that the ADHD-PI (inattentive) subtype has negative symptoms that must be managed for successful leadership, while the ADHD-PH (hyperactive) subtype has symptoms that can bolster leadership.

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