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Bachelor of Arts


International Relations

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Minxin Pei

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As the relationship between Beijing and Washington becomes increasingly confrontational, many worry about a potentially catastrophic U.S.-China war over the issue of Taiwan. At the center of the complex relationship lies the One China policy, which serves as the foundation for a peaceful Taiwan Strait. There are three pillars that hold up the One China policy and the status quo: 1. A friendly, cooperative, and working U.S.-China relationship, 2. China’s willingness for working with Taiwan, and 3. Taiwan’s willingness for eventual reunification. The thesis is then followed by analyses of the One China Policy over the last three U.S. administrations (Bush, Obama, and Trump) to examine the dynamics of these three pillars and the effects they have on the stability of the region, and the changes that have happened over time that eroded the three pillars. The thesis concludes with a discussion on the challenges Biden face in wake of a heightened threat of war in the Taiwan Strait between the two global superpowers.

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