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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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Leland de la Durantaye


In a social conversation, words spoken carry less than 35% of the interaction’s social meeting, with 65% conveyed by the non-verbal. While poetry relies on the word and it's subtext, songwriting may also weld the other 65%. By dissecting the dynamic communicative aspects of song, modern poets may find useful ways in which they can make their lines have more staying power with the listener, encompassing both the rhythmic catchiness of their lines to an all-encompassing emotive transfer. We may isolate the interwoven components of a song that dictate how a story is told in order to better understand how it is rhetorically effective: its musicality, words, structure, and audience communication style, or more succinctly, a song’s perspective, which is embedded within each mode. How can we learn from the dynamic relationship between the components of a song (musicality, lyrics, and structure) to maximize a written work’s total communicative efficacy with an audience?