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In summation, my paper revolves around the effects of isolation on anxiety, specifically brought about due to COVID-19 and the various orders that have been in place worldwide. There are many consistencies found within and across the sources I chose to include in this piece. I found that as a whole, anxiety levels are higher now than they were before the introduction of the virus. Risk factors of anxiety include the degree of social isolation, loneliness, pre-existing mental health conditions, and being of a younger age. Those who do have pre-existing conditions tend to have their mental health deteriorate during the pandemic, and those without already prevalent mental health issues are at a higher risk to develop a condition than before the pandemic began. While not much research is out regarding anxiety and its relation to COVID-19, in the articles that have been published, the format of the experiment is mostly of the survey variety. The substantial rise in anxiety means that societies need to make a change in how mental health is approached from a clinical and general sense.

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