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Fall 2011

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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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Richard C.K. Burdekin

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Gregory Hess

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This paper analyzes the performance of Indian banks over the period of the last ten years. It uses the CAMEL Framework to determine the performance of public and private banks in India. The paper also conducts an empirical analysis to determine the share price performance of Indian banks relative to the share price performance of banks in Hong Kong, Europe and the US. This paper finds that private banks perform better than public banks overall based on the CAMEL Framework. In addition it also finds that the Indian banks share price performance is dependent on the share price performance of Hong Kong and European banks, and it has a significant positive relationship with the overall Hong Kong stock market, and this relationship strengthens after 2007. On the whole, this paper seeks to offer as comprehensive a perspective as possible upon the conduct, structure and performance of the banking industry of India.