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This study explores rent control and educational attainment levels in California. Affordable housing continues to be a critical issue discussed and combatted across the country; rent control ordinances have been common forms of aid. Now that California has a state-wide rent control policy, AB1482, it is crucial to understand how its introduction may impact different populations. In an effort to understand more than the relationship between rent control on the cities’ population, the study also identifies the type of rent control that exists in each city. This study looks at 11 cities in California that have established rent control and examines how educational attainment levels have changed between 2010-2019 in comparison to cities with no rent control. The study finds that an increase in the percentage of those with an associate degree or higher brings a statistically significant positive association with living in a city with rent control. Whereas cities with rent increased according to the Consumer Price Index have greater levels of individuals with higher education, cities with an annual cap have lower levels of individuals with higher education.

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