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With a new wave of Environment-Social-Governance (ESG) focused investing, many companies and investors focus on trying to do better for society and the environment. Thus, it is important to understand the factors that influence the success of socially responsible companies. In particular, understanding what type of leadership can help make companies more likely to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) or social impact initiatives is vital to the future of business. B Corporations, which are companies that focus on combing profit with environmental and social goals, and corporate social responsibility are examples of impact focused organizations. This thesis presents a narrative review of scholarly literature on the topic of socially responsible leaders and leadership. The paper does this by using CSR and B Corporations as unique lens through which to study leadership. After summarizing relevant literature on socially responsible leadership in these fields, the thesis discusses three case studies. The case studies summarize three successful B Corporations and what leadership looks in the real world. In conclusion, this paper aims to connect the theoretical foundations of socially conscious leadership to practical applications of what leadership looks like in real life.