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Californians are leaving the golden state, and for the first time. Utilizing data from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the California Department of Fire and Forest management, the U.S. Census Bureau, credit reporting agencies, and other data sources, I examine the correlation between the changing environment affecting California and the increasing number of persons leaving the state. The data focuses on three categories: environmental change, cultural change, and economic change. Those variables from the newly created data set will be quantitatively compared to the dependent variable, the number of people leaving the state. I will utilize OLS regressions to find correlation. The acres burned by wildfires every year, housing prices, and number of Democrats in the state were found to be significant and corelated with the number of persons leaving the state. Future study is needed on a larger data set with more observations, something unlikely until more years have passed. Increased analysis on the effects of policy changes is also recommended.

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