Sòng Pèi Xīng


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Sòng Pèi Xīng is a sports documentary about my older sister, Sophia, who is currently pursuing a professional basketball career in Taiwan. The film is a memoir of her basketball career, breaking down her favorite moments in middle school, high school, college, and where she is now in her pro-ball journey. While the film covers her career, it also sheds light on her personal struggles with mental health and family issues; her involvement in the Asian American basketball community in southern California and East LA; her dreams to play at the next level; and her faith that has grounded her through it all. In light of the rarity of female Asian sports documentaries and the current anti-Asian climate driven by the pandemic, this project also aims to inspire and encourage all female Asian athletes as it celebrates the struggles and triumphs of one who persevered through life's circumstances to reach the highest level of her sport.

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