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Indigenous communities in Central America have used various plant medications to treat illnesses and diseases for centuries. Clinicians must consider improving traditional healthcare methods that are intrinsic to indigenous communities in order to increase access to effective treatments, particularly for diseases that these communities are more at risk for. This work aims to propose a method to identify whether traditional preparations of five plants (Anacardium occidentale L., Hamelia patens Jacq., Momordica charantia L, Neurolaena lobota L. R. Br. Ex Cass., and Tecoma stans L. juss. ex Kunth) can reduce blood glucose levels in rats with type two diabetes. Additionally, I propose an additive, non-toxic effect in decreasing blood glucose levels when metformin is used in conjunction with high concentrations of plant infusions. My goal is to provide indigenous communities with appropriate dosage information and uplift the knowledge they have held within their cultures.