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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Intercollegiate Media Studies

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Carlin Wing


Sports journalism was originally created to serve as authentic reports on games, news, and events within the sports industry. However, as social media has further evolved, sports journalism has become commercialized through sports entertainment shows that are broadcasted by established sports networks. These sports networks have their own agendas that encourage debate and controversy over authentic analysis because claims that can serve as clickbait will positively affect viewership ratings for these sports networks. In the NBA, many of the discussions happening about NBA players are centered around pinning athletes against each other, not giving specific sports analysis about the performances of certain players, and making bold statements about the fate of a player’s career. Sports journalism on sports entertainment shows has shifted from genuine and detailed analysis about players to sparking controversy because it encourages conversations and debates with sports fans that in turn increases engagement with the sports network. As a response, NBA players have begun getting involved within sports media through podcasts, YouTube channels, and live commentary in order to reject how NBA players tend to be represented by today’s NBA media environment. These players are able to provide specific explanations for games and events happening in the NBA and are able to share their own knowledge and experience directly to sports fans on social media. In all, NBA players being involved within NBA media gives them the opportunity to use their voice to properly represent their game through the use of social media platforms.

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