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This paper examines the different causes of food insecurity, the solutions for them, and how Ghana sits on the scale of global food insecurity. Ghana is located in Africa, where food insecurity is the highest in the world, so it would be reasonable to expect food insecurity to be high in Ghana, too. In comparison to its neighboring countries, Ghana has the best food security, standing at number three in sub-Saharan Africa. This paper uses data to examine how Ghana has been this successful. Foundational frameworks in Ghanaian history developed the southern urban parts of Ghana, improving food security in the area. The north did not get the same support, and thus food insecurity is high in this region. The paper examines some of the work the Ghanaian government and non-governmental programs have done to improve the state of food security and concludes with suggestions for how the Ghanaian government can further improve food insecurity. If the government does not address rising inflation, food insecurity will increase.