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With the advent of technological advancement, entrepreneurship, and a higher emphasis on meritocracy, societies across the globe have experienced intense competition to outdo one another. This has pushed companies to place increased importance on worker productivity; large and small companies want to see their employees work harder, longer, and faster. With this increased demand for work, companies today are making sure they have suitable reward systems to ensure worker satisfaction and quality work production. However, what these reward systems look like and how they function contrast significantly across cultures, especially as it pertains to corporate leave policies. This thesis examines the cross-cultural differences in corporate leave policy, worker productivity, and satisfaction. Specifically, this thesis aims to explore the effect of culture in the workplace and how this might impact worker productivity, satisfaction, expectations, and happiness. This paper aims to fill gaps in the field by building on previous research and introducing a cross-cultural component to how varying vacation policies impact worker productivity and satisfaction. Additionally, this thesis will examine the impact of individualistic and collectivist cultures on work-life balance and worker expectations. Lastly, this paper will cover the psychological effect of vacation and how vacations can lead to increased productivity and satisfaction, along with reducing burnout. While a country's culture is difficult to change, the policy can be tailored to the culture. This thesis aims to answer the question of what policy is recommended based on the culture.