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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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Professor David Day

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2022 Claire E Chen


This review examined three different types of workplace biases: racial, gender, and unconscious biases. First, the review studied how these biases affect the hiring process and found that even though there have been marginal improvements for some minority groups, racial biases still exist in the workplace. Certain minorities, such as African Americans, experienced the same amount of hiring discrimination since the 1990s. Second, the review looked at how these biases influence the promotion process and inhibit marginalized groups from reaching higher paying jobs. Despite Asian Americans experiencing fewer struggles with the hiring process, they are the least likely race to be promoted in the workplace. Finally, the review suggested a combination of awareness training and unconscious bias training to make concrete change within an organization’s hiring and promoting process. This methodology should help companies prioritize diversity and inclusion through creating a transparent and fair environment.