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Wei-Chin Hwang

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In 2011, Amy Chua published a controversial memoir detailing her experience as a "Chinese" mother and subsequently juxtaposed her experience with those of "Western" parents. The Chinese mother concept reignited discussion on the Model Minority, reinforcing the notion that Asians thrived, despite the hardships of immigration, in the modern school system and job market. Historically, education has been found to be positively correlated with strong mental health, and it was assumed that Asian immigrants thrived psychologically. Research has shown that the model minority proves not only to be false, but has been detrimental to the mental health of the Asian American community. This report hopes to expand that understanding by looking specifically at the parent-adolescent dynamic within Asian American communities in regards to education and psychological strength. In review of previous studies, it was found that the relationship between the child and parent proves to be much more complicated and stressful than one education implied and that culture plays a significant role in how parenting affected mental health.

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