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As electric vehicles continue to become an increasingly important part of the transportation industry, it is crucial to understand which countries are leading the way in this area. This study explores the extent to which Twitter can provide insight into the global electric vehicle landscape. By analyzing hashtag usage levels in tweets from 2018-2022, this study identifies trends in how different countries are talking about electric vehicle adoption on Twitter. It has been shown that technology and policy are two of the most important factors influencing electric vehicle adoption. As such, hashtags were chosen to provide insight into four areas: Electric Vehicle Adoption Generally, Electric Vehicle Companies, Electric Vehicle Technologies, and Electric Vehicle Policies. The results suggest that the global conversations about electric vehicle adoption generally and electric vehicle charging are trending upward and that the conversations about autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars are trending downward. The results also show that the United States, Great Britain, India, and Canada are leading the conversation about electric vehicles on Twitter.

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