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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Intercollegiate Media Studies

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Kevin Moffett

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James Morrison

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2023 James D. Cockburn


As social media becomes more ubiquitous in our cultural existence as humans it plays an increasingly large role in the formation and expression of identity. On many social media platforms, the way people look is emphasized, with more attractive people garnering the most attention. This results in the phenomenon of upward social comparison, which leads to the lowering of self-esteem. Social media and the internet also enable the spread of information and ideologies, which has resulted in the propagation of pessimistic and misogynistic world views in in communities that make up the manosphere. One popular topic on the manosphere is mewing. Mewing is a concept that claims that people can improve their facial structure by holding their tongue in the proper position on the the roof of the mouth, breathing only through their nose, swallowing and chewing properly, and maintaining good posture. While mewing has the potential to make a positive impact on society, it’s association with the perceptions encompassed in the Manosphere and the resistance from institutional systems of orthodontics to engage in scientific review have hampered its growth to become a staple of western health care.