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2023 Brooke A Simon


There has been a dramatic increase in AI art modeling programs in the past few years, especially Text-To-Image models. Given this increase, it is necessary to discover what the artistic capabilities of such programs are. A model at the forefront of this movement is Dall-E, a model created by OpenAI. The purpose of this paper is to compare Dall-E’s artistic talents to art made by humans. To do so, I have selected seven main painting styles over which to analyze Dall-E. These styles are Romanticism, Realistism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Pop Art, and Abstract. To compare Dall-E’s art to human made art, I qualitatively analyze both artists's work in each style. The Dall-E art pieces selected were created based on my own textual inputs so that they are as relevant to each style as possible. I assess not only Dall-E’s raw artistic talents, but also its ability to conform to each painting style. This analysis is prefaced with a literature and technological review, and concluded with a discussion ethics in AI art.

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