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Ricardo Fernholz

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2023 Alex J Wahba


This thesis presents a comprehensive analysis of the determinants of transfer values for football players in European leagues, with a focus on understanding the key factors that contribute to player valuations across different positions and leagues. Utilizing a robust dataset and employing regression analysis, the study sheds light on the complex nature of the football transfer market and provides valuable insights into the valuation of football players. The findings reveal that age is a significant determinant for all positions, emphasizing the preference for younger players with potential for development. Position-specific factors, such as goal contributions, passing accuracy, and aerial duel success rates, also play a critical role in player valuation, reflecting the multifaceted nature of modern football roles and the importance of versatile players in today's game. The implications of these findings extend to football clubs and the football industry as a whole, informing recruitment strategies and decision-making processes in the transfer market. Furthermore, the study contributes to the broader understanding of football player valuation, helping stakeholders across the industry to better navigate the complexities of the transfer market and make more strategic investments in player development and recruitment. This thesis makes a significant contribution to the field of football player valuation, providing a detailed and rigorous analysis of the determinants of transfer values in European leagues, with far-reaching implications for clubs, the industry, and future research.

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