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The expansion of the logistics industry in the Inland Empire has coincided with public health concerns to the point where the California governor has been asked to declare a public health emergency coinciding with a temporary warehouse moratorium. In this thesis I lay the groundwork for a future cost-benefit analysis of the logistics sector in the region by listing the gains from employment and the loss of air quality. By using a difference-in-difference approach, I find that being near warehouses causes an increase in ozone, PM10, and PM2.5 levels. However, there is evidence of a negative difference for particulate matter between an area saturated by warehouses (San Bernardino) and a control area with no warehouses (Anaheim) for the post Cyber Monday versus pre Cyber Monday period. This suggests that the high concentration of pollutants do not stem from the warehouses at that time of the year. On the employment side, I find that with the approved and pending warehouses serving as a buffer, it is a false assumption that unemployment would happen immediately with everyone in the logistics sector.

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