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This paper examines the influence of industry gender composition on the mental health outcomes of the U.S. working population and how its impact varies across industries. The data set for this study is obtained from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey and contains industry-specific measurements of employee mental health status, access to health care support, demographic characteristics, and work-specific factors. Multiple linear regression models were adopted to conduct fixed effects and time series analyses. I find that gender composition alone has no significant influence on employee mental wellness, regardless of gender. However, relative female wages and changes in ethnic identity shares have significant effects on working women’s mental health, whereas these factors had no significance for the overall and male workforce. The cross-industry analysis of this study then identifies the factors associated with psychological wellness in specific industries. The practical implications of this study offer future directions for healthcare policy improvements and employer intervention programs, which may reduce work impairment-related economic costs in the U.S.

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