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Let’s play a game. What effect do you think video games have on twenty-first-century marketing? In this age defined by its nature of digitality, capturing the attention of consumers is an arduous competition. Through market segmentation, research, and the observable variables of consumer behavior, product marketing has turned to video games as a solution to appeal to younger demographics. Gamification is an increasingly applied product marketing strategy employed to increase favorable metrics. Of those key performance indicators (KPIs), boosted measures such as click-through rates, impressions, and engagement rates suggest that gamification is a strategic opportunity to persuade consumers to take action on a product. Through an analysis of the effect of video game-inspired campaigns on economic variables, consumer insights, and design strategies, it is revealed that gamification results in increased reach and engagement from consumers. This paper demonstrates these effects through an analysis of an original A/B test that highlights the impact gamification imposes on product marketing strategies.

Streaming Media

Streaming Media