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Open Access Senior Thesis


Best Senior Thesis in Mathematics

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Bachelor of Arts


Mathematical Sciences

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Sarah Cannon

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2023 Angie Wang


This thesis focuses on finding spanning tree counts for triangular lattices and other planar graphs comprised of triangular faces. This topic has applications in redistricting: many proposed algorithmic methods for detecting gerrymandering involve spanning trees, and graphs representing states/regions are often triangulated. First, we present and prove Kirchhoff’s Matrix Tree Theorem, a well known formula for computing the number of spanning trees of a multigraph. Then, we use combinatorial methods to find spanning tree counts for chains of triangles and 3 × n triangular lattices (some limiting formulas exist, but they rely on higher level mathematics). For a chain of t triangles, we find and prove an unexpected result: the number of spanning trees is equal to the 2(t + 1)th Fibonacci number. For 3 × n triangular lattices, we provide lower and upper bounds for the spanning tree count by decomposing the larger lattice into smaller subgraphs and analyzing those subgraphs.