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Climbing through the various levels of amateur and professional baseball to reach the Major Leagues is a very challenging feat to accomplish, but it is equally as hard to predict who will do it successfully. This study aims to identify relationships between performance in the collegiate summer baseball league known as the Cape Cod Baseball League and whether a player from that league will not only make it to the Major Leagues but have a successful career. Using ordinary least squares, I examine how performance in the Cape Cod Baseball League can help to predict if a player from the Cape will make it to the Major Leagues, whether they will make it quickly, and if they will have a successful career. After running each model, I found that the rate at which a player strikes out, the average number of at-bats that a player gets per game, and the total number of bases a player hits for, all have predictive power when it comes to predicting whether a player will make it to the Major Leagues and have a successful Major League career.

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