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Emergent calls to revise the analytic term transpacific in relation to Indigenous-centered regional formation have emphasized the need to attend to various epistemological and historical distinctions that explain distinct orientations to the Pacific by Indigenous and migrant populations, including diasporic formations. Within these calls, I operationalize poetry, a distinctly aesthetic practice of queer diaspora, as a way of illuminating new forms of relationality that such calls require. Examining works from Jan-Henry Gray, Mark Aguhar, Kimberly Alidio, and Kay Ulanday Barrett, I posit poetry as a crucial element of generating hermeneutic possibility. I further apply postmodern conceptualizations of assemblage theory in order to demonstrate how poetry not only offers interpretive resources to understand the social categories that have been widely considered to constitute identity, but represents an analytical method with which to rearticulate and reimagine how identities are fundamentally mapped across local and global cartographies, producing circuits of time and space that one must invariably navigate.