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"Reimagining Identity Through Photography: The Experience of Intersectionality for Asian-American Women'' aims to challenge the common stereotypes of Asian-American women in modern society by examining the history of their identities as both women and Asian Americans. The project highlights the negative consequences of complacency to these stereotypes, exploring the complexity of the model minority myth, intersectionality, and standpoint theory, while providing historical context to understand the violent crimes committed against this demographic. I curated a physical gallery space of 18 images featuring 9 Asian-American women to deconstruct racial and gender myths that contribute to the model minority myth. This exhibition showcases Asian-American women in a multifaceted perspective, challenging preconceptions and encouraging a more conscious understanding of our biases. Through standpoint theory and intersectionality, I address the harm of "complementary" stereotypes and the need to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity within the Asian-American community. The use of complementary stereotypes on Asian-American women sets unrealistic standards, leading to societal pressure to conform to preconceived notions of how one should behave. This work highlights the importance of accurately representing this demographic to combat harmful stereotypes and promote true inclusivity.