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This study draws parallels between Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) and hydraulic fracturing to highlight the transformative potential of DLE technology in the lithium industry. The comparative analysis supports the hypothesis that DLE might expedite commercialization timelines, similar to the effect hydraulic fracturing has had on traditional shale gas extraction. The study includes a regression analysis to determine the factors affecting the commercialization of conventional lithium brine extraction methods, thereby better understanding the potential changes DLE will create. The regression model, based on data from 11 projects, examines the impact of variables such as temperature range, tax rates, royalty rates, regulatory quality, and logistics on project development timelines. This research contributes to understanding the factors influencing lithium project development timelines and offers valuable insights for stakeholders in optimizing new extraction technologies for faster commercialization. Although the results are encouraging, they also underscore the necessity for more extensive research to draw definitive conclusions.