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Murat Binay

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This senior thesis endeavors to unravel the intricate interplay between various demographic and economic factors in shaping the distribution of venture capital funding across cities. As the engine driving innovation and economic growth, venture capital plays a pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems. However, the disparities in funding allocation among urban centers remain inadequately understood. This research seeks to bridge this knowledge gap by examining the multifaceted relationships between demographic characteristics, economic indicators, and the magnitude of venture capital investments in cities.

The study employs a comprehensive approach, leveraging a diverse set of data sources to analyze the demographic composition and economic dynamics of selected cities. Demographic factors under scrutiny include population demographics, educational attainment, and age distribution, while economic variables encompass jobs, regulatory environment, and business size data. Through advanced statistical analyses, the research aims to identify patterns, correlations, and potential causal relationships between these factors and the amount of venture capital funding received by cities.

Understanding how demographic and economic factors impact funding allocation can inform targeted strategies to enhance the entrepreneurial environment in cities, thereby facilitating sustainable economic development and innovation. This research underscores the significance of considering the unique socio-economic contexts of cities when devising policies and initiatives aimed at promoting a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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