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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



Reader 1

Ethan Van Arnam

Reader 2

Kathleen Purvis Roberts


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly involved in the field of healthcare. Specifically, AI-driven models have shown significant promise in diagnosing hematological diseases, such as sepsis and anemia. This thesis proposes methods to create and train a diagnostic AI specific to Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP), a hematological disease characterized by the overabundance of blood clots in microvessels and a low expression of the protein ADAMTS13. The diagnostic AI would be trained by a Random Forest Algorithm (RFA), diagnose novel patient populations via a Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), and determine continued disease severity via Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). This AI would be created to quickly and accurately diagnose patients with TTP as a diagnostic aid to physicians.

This thesis is restricted to the Claremont Colleges current faculty, students, and staff.