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This thesis explores the implementation of the pitch clock in Major League Baseball (MLB), specifically the impacts of pitch clock experience on player statistics. I reviewed data related to the pitch clock in minor league baseball as well as MLB data from the 2021-2023 seasons. Previous literature investigates multiple theories related to possible effects of the pitch clock that can be tested on this year’s major league data. The data utilized is pulled from the FanGraphs database, which includes hitting and pitching statistics before and after the implementation of the pitch clock in the major leagues. I apply multiple regression models that display the impact of the pitch clock, and experience with the pitch clock, on hitting and pitching statistics. These calculations suggest that players that experienced the pitch clock in 2022 displayed advantages in batting average, home runs, walk-rates, strikeout-rates, and strikeouts per 9 innings statistics. Overall, this data suggests that hitters with pitch clock experience demonstrated advantages in multiple hitter performance statistics in 2023.