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This paper examines which characteristics of songs affect transaction price in the sale of artist’s music catalogs. My analysis tests many variables, including the number of years between the song’s release its catalog’s sale (age); the natural log of the number of Spotify streams the song has (popularity); the genre of the song; themes in the song, such as dating, violence, romance, obscenity, sadness, and feelings; and elements of the song like danceability, energy, loudness, instrumentalness (the prevalence of instrumentals relative to vocals in a song), and acousticness (the measure of sound made using instruments as opposed to electronic means). I perform multivariate and univariate statistical tests to explore which variables have a significant relationship with sales price using the Mendeley Data Music Dataset. My analysis determined that age and popularity have a positive impact on transaction price, while danceability has a negative impact. Further, the work found that investors pay more for pop and rock music catalogs than catalogs of other genres.

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