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Professor Serkan Ozbeklik

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This paper explores the heterogeneous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. states, focusing on the identification of key factors that explain the variation in three state-level pandemic outcomes in 2020: real gross domestic product (GDP) growth, job shortfall, and COVID-19 mortality rate. I develop an empirical framework that corroborates certain takeaways from existing literature, suggesting that many of the findings from cross-country studies apply to the heterogeneity of pandemic outcomes observed among U.S. states. I identify key state-level characteristics, namely GDP per capita, sectoral composition of labor, and stringency of lockdown policy, as strong predictors of pandemic outcomes in 2020. Altogether, this paper contributes to an ongoing discussion of the economic and public health tradeoffs that resulted from different responses to the COVID-19 pandemic among U.S. states in 2020.

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