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The use of auditory stimulation may be a useful method in treating clinical anxiety disorders, as well as aiding in coping with daily stress among general populations. The understanding of how certain forms of auditory stimulation can increase anxiety and stress is also critical so clinicians and the general population can approach decreasing anxiety and stress in the most effective way possible. The following paper will provide a literature review on studies published after the year 2000, analyzing the various impacts of different types of auditory stimulation, including impacts of music-therapy, music and noise at different frequencies, binaural beat stimulation, fear conditioning from negative auditory stimuli, and soothing nature sounds. The review will assess various findings on how these types of auditory stimulation impact clinical anxiety levels, as well as overall anxiety and stress levels in the general population. These observations can influence how clinicians approach treatment methods, and they may help to create a more holistic approach to treatment with added consideration of environmental factors and managing anxiety exacerbated by these stressors. Ultimately, this review aims to provide additional approaches to managing symptoms of anxiety and decreasing stress levels in a more accessible way.