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Given the importance of the 2024 presidential election for the Republican Party, it is imperative that they are able to win the 32 combined electoral votes from the states of Georgia and North Carolina. In order to determine the best strategy for the Republican Party to employ, this paper will first examine voting behavior theories that explain recent voting trends among the United States electorate as a whole. Next, it will focus on the political history of the American South in order to explain recent voting trends in the area. The next two sections will focus on the historical and recent voting trends in both Florida and Virginia to highlight where the Republican Party has succeeded and failed in the region. Then, this paper will examine the historical and recent voting trends in Georgia and North Carolina in order to determine what the Republican Party needs to do to win these states in 2024. Lastly, the paper will conclude with a set of recommendations for the Republican Party to adopt in order to give them the best chance of winning the 32 electoral votes of Georgia and North Carolina.