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This thesis is a conceptual integration of the psychological construct of resilience and leadership. It emphasizes how leaders develop and utilize resilience to navigate adversity effectively. This thesis defines psychological resilience as a capacity built through life experiences and measurable through various scales. The literature selected focuses on the resilient leader, distinguished by emotional competence, personal growth, and a significant organizational impact. It challenges conventional leadership perceptions by underscoring the importance of resilience, particularly in crises. The research introduces essential theoretical models, including the Adversity Leadership Praxis Trajectory (APT) and Förster and Duchek's Three-Part Model, to elucidate how resilience is cultivated through individual, situational, and behavioral factors. Anchoring the thesis is an extensive literature review that analyzes resilient leaders' traits, development processes, and impact. The review discusses resilience measurement tools, specifically the Resilience Scale for Adults, the Brief Resilience Scale, and the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale. The study also examines the influence of resilient leaders on their followers, highlighting the positive impacts on organizational culture and performance. It calls for more inclusive research on resilient leadership, particularly focusing on women's experiences. In conclusion, the thesis advocates for the critical need for resilient leadership in contemporary organizations, promoting adaptive, sustainable, and inclusive practices that foster psychological wellness and adaptability in complex environments.