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Spring 2012

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Bachelor of Arts



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Jay Conger

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This thesis will examine the distinguishing attributes of educational leadership in two countries – the United States and India. The structures of education in these two countries are drastically different. This can be attributed to various factors such as their unique past political, economic and social histories, religions and cultures. However, in the past, there has been a tendency for Asian countries to adopt Western leadership and educational practices. This paper will look at the role culture plays in both countries in influencing leadership practices and the types of leadership styles that are prevalent and accepted. It will address culture’s role in the educational structure and process present in both countries over the years, and the influence this has on school leadership. It will also look at important leaders of both countries in the business, social and educational sectors and their influence on leadership in various fields around the country. The conclusions are influenced by past cross-cultural research, as there is a lack of research on leadership in educational institutions. Educational systems around the world are constantly changing to accommodate the advent of new technology, innovation, research and resources. It is important for administrators and principals to be able to lead their students, teachers and school in the right direction.

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