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I examine the effects of the Argentine Convertibility Plan and Ecuadorian Dollarization policy on the economic and financial state of each respective country. To do this, I use data from 10 years leading up to and 10 years following the implementation of both policies to observe changes over time in various economic and financial indicators. The goal of the study was to take a closer look at the effectiveness and sustainability of the Convertibility Plan and Dollarization policies with regards to stabilizing the economy and correcting hyperinflation. Using descriptive statistics and graphical visualizations of the data collected over the 20-year time periods, I found that several economic measures and financial ratios seemed to exhibit a reaction to the policies in each country. The primary implication of my findings is that both policies were met with initially positive results, but the system of economic growth under the Convertibility Plan in Argentina was less sustainable than that of Dollarization in Ecuador. A close look at the data collected combined with research of historical events helps provide potential explanations for this conclusion.

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