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Oregon is now one of only eighteen states that regulate alcohol as a monopoly. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) imposes and enforces rules regulating the sale and distribution of alcohol within the state. The regulations were designed to restrict the availability of alcohols. Beer and wine avoided many restrictions imposed on liquor reflecting an incentive to alter consumption rates in favor of beer and wine over liquor.

Many of the reasons to favor beer and wine over liquor were based on scientific claims or beliefs that we now know to be untrue. Updating our regulatory environment to recalibrate the laws based on our current understanding of the effects of liquor consumption depends on the Oregon’s ability to overcome the social stigma associated with liquor and the negative externalities it produces when abused. At stake is the future of an industry that has given Oregon global prominence as a mecca of homegrown beer, wine, and spirits, contributing to business opportunities and jobs in the hospitality and retail sectors.

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